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Nathan "Big Nate" Cunningham was a beloved high school student who wanted to be a PE teacher as well as a wrestling and football coach.  He wanted nothing more than to make a difference in the lives of others.  Unfortunately, he passed away before realizing this goal fully; however, Nate had a huge impact on so many people in his short life.


Love Big Like Nate Inc was established in 2022 and later became a 501c3 nonprofit charity to continue his legacy of kindness and compassion.  Through financial gifts, we are able to honor Nate's memory and support causes that he was passionate about to make a positive impact in our community and beyond.

Our mission is to honor Nate's legacy through providing scholarships, supporting high school activity fundraisers, and assisting with Christmas meals for families in the Chanute community. 

Love Big Like Nate Inc
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Awarded seven $750 scholarships and one $500 recurring scholarship since 2022

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Donated over $7200 to Chanute High School Activities and Fundraisers

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Provided Christmas meals to five families in the Chanute community 

Are you ready to help us Love Big Like Nate?
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